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A Matter of Trust?

Why are some Regional Councillors upset over other Regional councillors for supporting its mu-
nicipalities who are railing against losing their democratic right to decide what is or is not placed
anywhere in their community?

Why is the regional chair fuming over the fact that the placing of giant wind turbines might face
some political headwinds? Whatever! ‘We thinks he protesteth to much’.

Are they concerned that their partners may sue their ass off if they fail their partners, whom they
jumped into bed with or are they more concerned that their partnership in this private venture may
cause them to suffer a personal loss?
News flash! In the event of a lawsuit it’s the Niagara Taxpayer that will be hammered... again!

The fact is it is the liberal faction of our Niagara Regional Govern-
ment, which decided to throw in with the provincial Liberal leadership,
along with their foreign corporations, to run roughshod over Ontario Citi-
zens and Ontario Communities, silence dissent, to quell free speech and
the right to object to things being foisted upon them by their ideology
driven and failing government.

Who asked our Niagara Regional Government to partner in a scheme
where multi-billion dollar global corporations are able, with the blessing of the Ontario Liberal Gov-
ernment, to financially bludgeon Ontario Citizens and Ontario Communities into submitting to fi-
nancial brute force?

Proponents think is all about stopping the proliferation of wind turbines. It’s not! It’s about multi-
billion dollar global corporations and our Ontario Liberals that are trying to make a mockery of our
democracy .
The Ontario Liberal Government is even content to surround a municipal airport with 400 foot

windmills with no concern for human life.

Makes one ask, what the hell are these government officials getting out of their inconsiderate con-
duct and ostensibly misguided decisions? Considering their irrational exuberance and rabid enthusi-
asm one might conclude that it’s not so much about ‘green energy’ as it is about ‘Greed energy’.

Yup! Some people just don’t get it. They simply cannot comprehend that there are citizens that
want a say in the placement of things like toxic waste dumps, some types of industry and yes, even
wind turbine towers.

Our concern lies in the despicable treatment of good, innocent and concerned citizens of Ontario.
Question: Why has our corrupt Ontario Liberal Government made the wind turbine
energy so lucrative for their profiteering corporate friends at taxpayer expense?

We have had sporadic corruption in the past but nothing like the overwhelming trust
destroying antics we are suffering now!

Is there a single reason for anyone to trust them?
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