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2 More Plans from the Conservationists! Here we go again with more self-serving hyperbole emanating from the overabundance of ‘concerned’ agencies feeding off the taxpayer, we would like to point out that there are a few flies in their ‘water-smart’ ointment. Source information and photo courtesy of -valerie-jaeger-political-compadres.html When the Niagara Winners Circle raised the alarm about toxic pollutants flowing into our ‘DRINKING WATER’ source, the Niagara Regional Authorities were so alarmed that they immedi- ately took action by hiding behind their ‘Freedom of Information’ law. Their primary interest seemed to be more in covering their own backside than investigating the cause and effects of a reported toxic pollution dump. Regional bureaucrat Mr. Ken Brothers claimed that half a million tons of toxic soil was someone else’s problem. Bureaucrat Brothers has thus far refused to divulge the location of the toxic soil. Region’s Health Officer, Dr. Jaeger’s solution to pollution is dilution. The poison water traveled down the same twelve mile Creek, admirably photographed in the NAL article, and poisoned the feed that killed 15 beautiful Swans. Perhaps it didn’t get diluted enough before in poured into Lake On- tario. Remarks by Jim Bradley are rich coming from a man, who was also the Minister of the Environ- ment, when the disastrous and lethal placement of Walkerton Town’s water well was allowed to be placed downhill from a manure yard. Bruce Timms, Chairman, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority was already a long term Re- gional Councillor when the NWC reported a serious toxic pollution dump that no one at the Niagara regional Government, including Councillor Timms, wanted to hear about. Could it be that the many ‘PARTNERS’ of Niagara’s authorities only care about pollution when they are not to blame or when it emanates from non-government sources? Many speculate that any plan emanating from this ‘justifier of existence’, will support ‘empire building’, while diminishing the rights of Niagara’s hard pressed taxpaying citizen.
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