Page 3 - 2014 spring newsletter
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3 Who are the Conservationists? Well the common belief is that they are the folks that oversee the health and welfare of our beauti- ful natural environment. We are lead to believe that they protect us from the hazards of pollution. They would have us believe that under the incompetent Ontario Ministry of the Environment they are the conservators of clean fresh water, pristine woodlands and immaculate meadows. If we are stupid enough to believe they are, what they say they are, then we could be accused of being more than a little bit gullible. Ask yourself, or better yet, ask them just what they have done to fulfill their mandate that they are getting paid for? Ask if our outdated sewage lagoons are still pouring semi-raw sewage into our fresh water sources, polluting our beaches and fouling our water intakes. Ask them why they’re trying to financially destroy a family with fines accumulating into the $Millions. And just what were the outrageous and egre- gious transgressions perpetrated against mother nature to warrant the attempt to ruin this family and deprive them of their very property? Where the fines really imposed predicated on his efforts to carefully husband his land at the top of the Niagara Escarpment? These conservationists were concerned that an archery school was being conducted in the very impressive woods this family created! Juxtapose the conduct of these so-called con- servationists with their refusal to even hear from a family that suffered from a business that graded the top of the Niagara escarpment to such an extent that it causes their home below to con- tinually flood with mud. But why should we be surprised by anything from a group that would give permission to the folks of a former ‘roadhouse’ to operate a B&B as long as they didn’t hire help? A group that tells a family that they can’t sell their produce at the roadside. A group that refuses to act on toxic pollution information unless the pollution is the responsibility of anyone other than that of government, their friends and especially their ‘partners’. A group that builds a commercial banquet hall in a conservation area. Many speculate the banquet hall is just a ruse to quietly create an ‘unwanted’ headquarters in that same pristine conservation area. Our ‘arms Length fiefdoms’ are out of control under inept and corrupt management
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