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Political Corruption? Click Here: 5 Top 10 Tips for Municipal Officials Who is Fred Bracken? 1. Learn about the Municipal Act, 2001 open The number of citizens determined to hold their meeting requirements; seek legal advice to government accountable is on the increase and address questions about the legislation. Mr. Fred Bracken is one of them. 2. Make sure your council or local board has a procedure by-law governing the call- ing, place and proceedings of meetings. 3. Notify the public of all meetings according to the Municipal Act and procedure by-law. 4. Keep meetings open to the public unless there is a clear need for a closed meeting specifically authorized by the Municipal Act. Fred Bracken 5. When holding a closed meeting, make You Tube sure the procedure by-law and require- News ments of the Municipal Act for closing meet- ings are followed. 6. Don’t vote to close a meeting unless an exception under Section 239 of the Munici- pal Act clearly permits it to be closed. 7. Before closing a meeting or part of a meeting to the public, pass a resolution that meets the Municipal Act requirements and is noted in the minutes. 8. When in a closed meeting: • Record all resolutions, decisions and other Videographer Bracken stood up to the ‘SECRE- proceedings. TIVE OLD GUARD’ when Regional Council • Do not hold a vote on any matter unless went in to a humorous tail spin over the public’s the meeting has been properly closed and right to video the public proceedings. the vote is for a procedural matter or for giv- With so many Canadian Politicians arrested, ing directions to staff. charged and incarcerated, it makes one wonder 9. Whenever possible, make decisions in why they are so afraid that their constituents public. If you have a concern about a closed might hear, might see or, God forbid, question? meeting, contact the Office of the Ontario Chair Burroughs wondered the purpose of the Ombudsman, which can provide general in- video. Fred Bracken says it’s for accountability. formation regarding the open meeting re- This happened Dec. 12, 2013 right in front of quirements. our local press, who didn’t think it news worthy! See for yourself: Click Here For the complete handbook click here Government Deception Revealed? Click Here:
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