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6 Council of Disgrace What do you do when you come face to face with a political regime which feigns concern for their ‘code of conduct’ yet denies legitimate code of conduct complaints even when the complaint is accurate to the letter? In 2013 the Niagara Regional Government received a ‘Code of Conduct’ complaint that was based on a history of false accusations emanating from Niagara Regional Coun- cillor Brian McMullan, Under the Code of Conduct heading, ‘Respect, Truth, Honesty and Integrity’ followed by clause 1. Members of Council shall respect the values of truth, honesty and integrity in all Niagara Region matters, issues and activities’. Some on the Regional Council had near cardiac arrest when a known ‘questioner of political con- duct’ had been duly elected as a member of what is often termed, ‘their private Niagara Country Club’. They found the threat so great that they started a whisper campaign of false accusations against a duly elected fellow council member. They went so far as to create a fictitious ‘straw man’ under the pseudonym of ‘Tim Lewis’ to lay false charges against a fellow councillor. Such appalling conduct VIOLATES the code under the heading: Respect, Truth, Honesty and Integrity Clause 2. Members of Council shall not impose their personal, moral or religious stan- dards on others as every person is an individual with specific rights, values, beliefs and personal- ity traits to be respected at all times. Even with evidence that the allegations were trumped up and false and even includ- ing the admission from Niagara Regional Councillor Brian McMullan that he knew the people behind this criminal act he continued to utilize the phony Tim Lewis e-mail de- ception in a further attempt to damage a fellow councillor’s credibility. To date there has been no inquiry or even discernible concern from either the Niagara Regional Govern- ment or Regional Chair Gary Burroughs, which is evidence that Councillor McMullan’s conduct is officially sanctioned. Niagara Regional Councillor Brian McMullan continued to breach the Niagara Region’s ‘Code of Conduct’ and furthermore is continuing to do so with his January, 2014 attack and his bald-faced refusal to identify the criminals behind the Tim Lewis treachery. Predicated on his continuing efforts to blacken a fellow councillor’s name, Councillor McMullan has also been breaching The Niagara Region’s ‘Code of Conduct’ under the heading Pursuit of Ex- cellence Clause 1. Members of Council shall act in the best interest of the community, in a re- sponsible manner, and be held accountable for their actions. Surely councillors can disagree with decisions and policy without being subjected to such draco- nian, Machiavellian and deceitful false accusations aimed at discrediting that councillor’s ability to council and even worse the deliberate and squalid attempt at character assassination. After their repugnant lying and scheming failed, they sic a ‘Company Man’ under the guise of an ‘Integrity Commissioner’ on their targeted fellow councillor in an effort to intimidate him into sub- mission. Now that their dastardly and cowardly attempt has backfired have we heard one word of contrition? Hell no! These ‘Code of Conduct’ aficionados actually believe that they acted with ‘Integrity’! What can you do when the whole of the Niagara Regional Regime is fully aware of such a dis- turbing breach of their imaginary ‘Code of Conduct’ and yet treats the breach with indifference and even condones this serious and treacherous conduct? Any Councillor not addressing this conspiracy is in breach of Niagara’s ‘Code of Conduct’ and is no servant of the Niagara citizen.
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