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Niagara Winners Circle

Never in the field of Canadian political The Mirror

endeavor has so many distrusted so few Winter 2014

Niagara the Lawless Frontier

Definition of Criminal behavior refers to that action by an individual or body
of individuals involved in criminal activity against the rules and regulations.

Where does corruption begin...
Loss of Integrity

The Accused

Where the good become Bad and the Bad Become Gods

Some agree that corruption begins when individuals become law breakers.
. Many believe that corruption is held in check by our authorities, our police and our
justice system.

But what do you do if you learn that those in authority are already well informed of
alleged corruption and are unwilling to act?
What do you do if you learn that alleged corruption reaches into the higher echelons of

That’s when you realize how corruption begins and that you are living in an increas-
ingly lawless frontier were wrongdoers wallow in self-interest and self-preservation

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