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8 A Cry for Help

Trapped & wheelchair-bound

What can you do when you find yourself alone in your fourth floor room, wheelchair-bound, caught
short and you can’t get into your bathroom?
27 inch doorway
According to Jenny and Jen, the ladies do what they can to assist clearance
Bob when he soils himself etc, that is the plight of Bob who has been to toilet
living like this for four long and grueling years in a building owned
and operated by Niagara Regional Housing. The upside of the fact
that he fell, which happens frequently, in June 2013, and fact that he
laid on the floor for five hours screaming for assistance is that he fi-
nally received a ‘life Line button’ to send an alert for help.
Each time Bob is rescued by the Fire Department they take him to Tight even with
the hospital to make sure he is unharmed. door removed

Bob is diabetic and because
of diabetes Bob has lost both
of his legs and parts of his
fingers, some of which show
infection. The back of his
hands are damaged from hit-
ting narrow door frames.

Bob has no exit to the bal-
cony in the event of an
Hands blistered emergency such as smoke/
and broken fire.

In this case even our fire department has turned its back on this amputee senior living in danger.
Jenny says that Bob was told that ‘in case of an emergency he should crawl out onto the balcony’.
Surely one could and should ask questions. How could any individual
be left in such an appalling situation?

Where is oversight from the Niagara Regional Government? EXIT

There are five Niagara Regional Councillors sitting on the NRH
board ( Cost $9,000.00 ). Are they not aware of Bob’s plight?

Was it not reported?

How many other handicapped seniors are suffering the same elder Rear EXIT to
abuse as Mr. Bob Hansplant? Since October 25, 2013 our Niagara Re- Balcony
gional Councillors have all been informed of Mr. Hansplant’s four year Impeded by an
ordeal it will be interesting to see just what they will do about their eight inch step
NHS treatment of amputee seniors.

It should occur to everyone that Bob is not in a handicap facility.

It should be apparent to everyone that the conditions in which Bob is
living would not meet the standards of the Lincoln County Humane So-
ciety were treatment of this type can bring a $60,000 fine and two years 8in”
in prison.
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