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This story started out by asking a question. 9
The story of Bob’s four year ordeal was not one of temporary inconvenience while more suitable
arrangements could be made. Frustration grew out of stonewalling, out of claims that it would cost
$5K to widen a door, out of claims that there was no money to alleviate Bob’s dire situation. No
money! That seems to fly in the face of a comment spoken at the November 28, 2013 budget meeting
Quote: “$200,000 is a drop in the bucket”!
Jenny and Jen tell of their being barred from meetings where Bob was threatened with eviction
predicated on bogus claims of mental incapacity.
So, what did they do. In desperation Bob and his assisting angels called on Regional Councilor
Petrowski for help. They invited Petrowski to attend one of the NHS meetings to witness just what
was going on. Petrowski confirmed that what he had been told was accurate. He could not sit by si-
lently listening to excuses for what appeared to be a chronic dereliction of duty. He’s not that sort of
person! He reminded the regional representatives that financial resources existed to fix this victim’s
basic crisis, which riled the ‘care givers/providers’ to the point of filing false harassment charges
against Petrowski.
However, false harassment charges do not mitigate the fact that our Niagara Regional Housing is not
only failing an amputee senior in their care but they are also failing their own ‘Vision’ statement: “Our
vision is that the Niagara community will provide affordable, ACCESSIBLE and QUALITY housing for
ALL residents”.
It would appear that it is a matter of some trying to do
something juxtaposed to some, who should be doing some-
thing, actually doing nothing.

It’s a long, long way to the competitively priced Sher-
brooke Community Center
Instead of looking after an amputee senior they prefer to
hide behind weasel words like process and protocol to cas-
Fingers that won’t open tigate anyone who would dare challenge NRH conduct and
and fingers which are performance.
partially amputated It appears that the NRH is more interested in empire

building than caring for their charges.
They proffer a vague excuse that after causing Mr. Hansplant to languish in his present situation of
four years and denying alterations to his facilities they suddenly come
forward with alternatives.

It is painfully obvious that it was Regional Councillor Petrowski’s at-
tention to this sordid matter that caused the NRH hierarchy’s sudden

Were those advancing the harassment charges concerned with the
geneses of the situation or were they preoccupied with hiding their fail-
ures from any true advocate for the citizens of Niagara?
Then again, why investigate actual cause and effect when they have an-
other juicy harassment charge to hang on a non-conforming Councillor?

In light of the continuing onslaught of assault against a dedicated coun-
cillor it is definitely time for a full investigation of all involved.

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