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Integrity Niagara

It is expected that everyone is to respect the integrity commissioner's report as fair, balanced, accurate, and
above all honest.
Surely it would follow that an 'integrity commissioner' would represent the highest standard of INTEG-
RITY. We do not question Integrity Commissioner Robert J. Swayze's integrity but we do insist on pointing
out possible inconsistencies, short-comings and what may be considered as inaccuracies. In fact we would
point out that the report is imbalanced to such a degree that it is useless.
The Niagara Region's Integrity Commissioner's complete report can be read in its entirety at the bottom of
this page.
In the very first paragraph of Page #1 Integrity Commissioner Swayze pronounces his authority to conduct
Still on page #1 Mr. Swayze contends that Bill 91 authorizes him to carry out ‘INVESTIGATIONS’.
But what kind of investigation was conducted?
According to thesaurus: Investigator: researcher, canvasser, examiner, and pollster
Did Mr. Swayze perform due diligence as an 'investigator' by researching and examining both sides of the
charges against Councilor Petrowski? Did he interview any of the other witnesses present at the July 23, 2013
meeting; the meeting where he supposedly bullied NHS ‘front line’ staff? Did he even read the six pages of
notes taken at the meeting by one of the ignored witnesses present? No he did not!
His own report clearly indicates that his only interviews were with Niagara Region personnel. He points to
the fact that he received his ‘source documents’ from the Region’s Solicitor. Integrity Commissioner Szayze
was paid $30,000.00 to INVESTIGATE and report back to our Niagara Regional Council his findings. Here
we are providing council with a more definitive report and it won't cost the taxpayer one red cent!

Have we been here before? Is this just the latest episode conjured up by political foes? This new condemna-
tion of Councilor Petrowski bears all the earmarks of previous attacks with the added specter of an 'Integrity
Commissioner'. The fact is that the Regional Council already has the power to penalize Councilor Petrowski
for his insistence to 'investigate and, if possible, resolve' as suggested by the Municipal Councillor’s Guide of
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.
Having persistently failed in their many squalid and false Machiavellian attacks, the stale 'old guard' turned
to an 'Integrity Commissioner" to do their dirty work. Several Councilors spoke against the hiring of Mr. Integ-
rity fearing it would become a which-hunt. Preston Haskell braved the lion's den to speak against the
$10,000.00 per month waste of hard earned tax dollars only to be insulted by Regional Councilor Augustyn
commenting that the presentation was so full of errors that he couldn't even vote to have the presentation ac-
cepted into the record! The result was a 10 to 8 vote to block the presentation from the eyes of the public.
Under the title 'CONCLUSION' Mr. Swayze states: ‘I believe the six staff members I interviewed and I do
not believe the testimony of Councilor Petrowski in his interview’! WOW! How can an Integrity commis-
sioner bring his investigation down to a level of they said/he said without even trying to interview all of the
witnesses? He casually stated 'I don't believe other witnesses are relevant'.
As a point of reference to the geneses of the situation click here

Dear reader, before we continue surely you can see that we have already come to an obvious and disturbing
conclusion that Integrity Commissioner Swayze’s report is a one sided and inaccurate report more in keeping
with a prosecutor than an investigator. If you read on you will find that Lawyer Swayze's report to Regional
Council should be disregarded and a full investigation of the events be investigated.
For instance, Swayze attributtes the words "get me" (him). False! Never happened.
Swayze says Petrowski prefaced his words: "I put an end to". False! never happened.
Swayze accuses Petrowski of monopolizing the first hour of the interview and that he was only able to ask his
first question in the second hour. Total Fabrication!
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