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Swayze says Petrowski was confused about the purpose of the meeting and thought it was to evict the tenent.
Obviously it was Mr. Swayze that was confused as to the purpose of the meeting since the very complaint he
sent to Petrowski states: 'Recently, on July 23, 2013, a Landlord & Tenant mediation was scheduled'.
Petrowski was called to the July 23, 2013 meeting precisely because of an eviction notice and precisely to
champion the cause of the abused tenant amputee Mr. Bob Hansplant.

Listen for yourself the audio of the complete Swayze/Petrowski interview.

The investigator had months to interview non-complainants and non-region personnel. The six staff mem-
bers that the investigator interviewed (three of which were not present at the July 23, 2013 meeting) and of the
three who were at the meeting were among the regional personnel upset by the fact that their conduct toward
their victimized double amputee senior was made public. But it was Niagara Region Personnel that made pub-
lic their shabby treatment of an amputee senior. They inadvertently made their sleazy secret public, through
their many ‘Reply to All’ emails, in their haste to pin a harassment charge on a dedicated and caring councilor
who threatens their accustomed behavior. The flood of 'Reply to all' emails clearly suggests a concerted effort
to rid themselves of 'Renegade for the Citizen', Petrowski. Their emails go so far as to deny culpability involv-
ing the inhumane treatment of victim Bob Hansplant by denying ownership of the building Mr. Hansplant was
being unfairly evicted from.
Petrowski has been harried by political opponents from the day he got elected predicated on his efforts on
behalf of the taxpaying citizen. Petrowski felt the heat of the old guard councilors and some bureaucrats from
the time he broke the back of their repulsive attempt to ‘block the public from the public forum’.
Petrowski was attacked for questioning the need for seven staff members continually taking hours long cof-
fee breaks in a restaurant, for asking about length of time for crews patching potholes, and being accused of
photographing work crews with telephoto lens, which he doesn't own. The complaint said they identified the
so-called councilor-photographer by his car, which just happened to be in for repair at the time!
Then he had to endure the hurtful and degrading ‘Tim Lewis’ fiasco, designed to damage the credibility of
Petrowski, which, by the way, has never been resolved. Now the same individuals who were piling on
Petrowski as if the 'Tim Lewis' charges were actually fact are the same individuals that are once again piling
on Petrowski over this so-called, questionable, and lopsided code of conduct report.

And how has Councilor Petrowski faired in his local newspaper? Read Grant Lafleche's ill informed opinion
piece in the St. Catharines Standard. Everyone can post a comment on our blog but for some reason the Stan-
dard removes comments that THEY don't agree with no matter how polite.

When Mr. Swayze referred to irony, it was not lost on anyone that the irony is imbedded in the concept of
always going through channels. Why? Is that to give those failing in their duties a heads up that you’re com-
ing? And how well has ‘going through channels’ worked?
How successful are the five Regional Councilors who have been sitting on the Niagara Regional Housing
Board at a cost of $9,000.00 per year? Did Niagara Regional Housing fulfill their obligation to inform the five
Regional councilors about the shabby treatment of their tenants or the condition of their buildings? We can
only hope the five Regional Councilors knew nothing about this sordid affair.
According to the The Municipal Councillor’s Guide of Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, which
states: 'In practice, there is no single, correct approach to the representative role and on most issues you may
find that you fall somewhere between the two opposing viewpoints. You will quickly develop a case-load of
citizen inquiries that will need to be investigated and, if possible, resolved'.
If it wasn’t for people like Councilor Petrowski we would never find out what is going on and that is exactly how our
secretive Regional Government likes it! The Niagara Region Government incorrectly demands that OUR Regional
Councilors betray their oath to represent their constituents at any reasonable time and place without fear of reprisal.

No ‘Code of Conduct’ should ever interfere with Integrity.
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