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New rail safety rule coming SOON!

By Jessica Murphy, Parliamentary Bureau, Toronto Sun

OTTAWA - The federal government promised new rail safety rules this fall in the wake of a series of
tragic train accidents in Canada.

A spokeswoman for Transport Minister Lisa Raitt confirmed Sunday the government is drafting
new regulations after consulting with municipal and provincial governments and industry.
The Fall, 2013 regulations will be based on recommendations made by the Transportation Safety
Board in 2010.

The feds will also work with other levels of government to improve the safety of level crossings
like the one involved in Wednesday's deadly collision between an Ottawa bus and a Via Rail passen-
ger train. Six people died in that accident.

A July rail derailment in Lac Megantic, Que., involving a train of crude oil from the United States
killed at least 42 people and destroyed a large section of the town 250 km from Montreal.

Very SOON! We Hope

Both incidents made rail safety a top concern for Canadians, and the feds have come under fire
for not acting quickly enough on past specific recommendations from various oversight agencies.

Excuses are hard to
accept when it takes of-
ficials two centuries to
learn that trains have a
bad habit of derailing!

Alberta: October 19/2013
85 flee homes 13 gas & oil train derails
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