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Congratulations Government!

You have now created the most anti- A Farewell to Bob
government sentiment in Canada’s
History. Today we say goodbye to Bob
Autocratic arrogance will no doubt
eventually take us into a full blown Hansplant and although there
tax revolt complete with all of the
traumatic destruction inherit in such is sorrow in our farewells, the

Government Socialist endeavors are joy of life itself that Bob man-
destroying the fabric of this nation!
aged to cling to regardless of his hardships


The true cost of Industrial wind energy
I had met Bob only a short time ago and I

will not forget him. The very spirit within

Bob lives on even though his body could

endure no more. In the end these words

spoken by Bob, "I am no different to

you,” remain as an echo within my heart

and mind. I want to tell Bob he was cor-

rect in that, I am no different to him nor he

different to me, or to any other human be-

The New ‘Landowners Association ing. We share the same sorrows and pain;

we share the same joy and happiness. You

will not be forgotten Bob, and I thank you

for touching our lives.

Alexander Davidoff

Publisher Mayorgate

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