Page 8 - The Mirror - Winter 2014
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Defend your Property - Protect your Family

The Niagara Landowners association held Niagara’s first ever Municipal Law Seminar September

21, 2013, which was attended by over 200 Property owners.
The sad commentary regarding this seminar is that it was necessary to ever take place at all.
This municipal law seminar stems from the necessity of self preservation.
It stems from vile and illegitimate attacks from municipal governments on property owners.
It stems from municipal governments abusive of, and in some cases, determined misuse of the ‘On-
tario Municipal Act’.
It stems from that fact that lives have been destroyed by unwarranted abuse perpetrated by money-
hungry municipalities through crushing legal defense costs, and excessive fines .
It stems from exploitation of the ‘Ontario
Municipal Act’ against innocent landowners
whose property is supposedly protected by the
In Niagara the final straw came in the form
of an attack on property rights by the municipal-
ity of Pelham, Ontario, headed up by Mayor
Dave Augustine.
Mayor Augustine’s municipal government
passed a law that permitted his bureaucrats to
enter onto any homeowner’s private property,
unannounced, at any time of day or night and
even to enter and snoop in a property owner’s
garage and outbuildings!
Mayor Augustin’s regime has transferred their
broad (without notice) trespass authority to
their ‘Environmental Protection by-law’
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