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Battle of the Bulge
An Obese Beast is alive and well in Niagara.
Only a money-hungry and financially Obese
Beast could proffer a concept that taxes levied
sooner will prevent future financial burden on our
children and grandchildren!
This overriding concept was predicated on the
"If you don't read fear that something might happen and therefore the
the newspaper you Beast of Obesity must continue to overtax to guard
are uninformed, if against some unforeseen catastrophe.
you do read the That’s right, it has been established that the Beast
newspaper you are of Obesity has $100’s of millions of overcharged
misinformed." taxpayer ‘hard earned’ dollars squirreled away
from your account to the Niagara Regional Govern-
ment’s bank account collecting interest.
Still, the Beast of Obesity describes the extra $2.3

Historical Lunacy Million tax as a much needed contingency levy!

The Beast of Obesity believes its own dogma so
In the 41 year history of the Niagara Regional intensely that it even betrays its own guideline of
Government there has never been a by-election holding tax increases to 1.9%. Instead the Beast in-
to replace a vacated seat on Regional Council. creases the tax levy to 3.2% based on what?

In its 41 years the replacement has always Obviously the Beast of Obesity is only protecting
been chosen from the DULY ELECTED NEXT- its own dietary financial larder.
IN-LINE. To choose someone who has not faced
the rigors of a full election WOULD BE a mock- By hiding the true amount of reserves the Beast can
ery of democracy. and will spend the reserves without disturbing the
Why in 41 years could our Regional Council taxpayers. Past history of tax and spent suggests
not plan and prepare for this simple situation? this to be the case. Example, receive money from
higher levels of governments and then convinces
The demand for a $130,000 bi-election is the taxpayer that the Beast of Obesity has held the
predicated on the fact that the next in line is out line on spending.
of favour with Welland City Council.
Sure, but would the Welland City Council be
in favour of a by-election if the City of Welland “I contend that
had to pay for it? for a nation to try
And, how many elections would have to be to tax itself into
held to garner the desired results and the install-
ing of a candidate more to Council’s liking? prosperity is like

The charge that without a SECOND ELEC- a man standing in
TION the process is somehow flawed is not only a bucket and try-

bogus but Fallacious. ing to lift himself
Question: up by the handle”
Will this precedent mean future demands
from all 12 municipalities for by-elections? Sir Winston Churchill
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