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Summer 2014

ONLY in Venezuela EH!

Angela Perez, sits in a corner called
"Misery Corner" with political graffiti in
Spanish that reads, "Chavez lives, the fight
continues" in Caracas, Venezuela.

The city today, where some corners have
names that people use as landmarks, is a traffic
-choked, graffiti-smeared, hyperbolically
violent capital where spasmodic bouts of
modernization and growth over the years have
left little of the charm of some other South
American cities.

Demonstrators make a barricade of burning garbage
during a protest against Venezuela's President Nicolas
Maduro's government in Caracas.
A demonstrator was killed during an anti-government

rally in Caracas on Wednesday, Reuters witnesses said. A
Reuters cameraman and a photographer both heard shots
and saw one protester had fallen to the ground. The person
was then carried away dead. (Carlos Garcia Rawlins/REUTERS)
Toyota slams brakes on vehicle assembly in Venezuela

Venezuela, the world’s fifth-largest oil producer, is a leading candidate for next collapsed state.

Of course ONLY in Venezuela

We’re to smart to let that happen here!
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