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The numbers just don't work

Neither does the Government The Devil of Damascus

The average annual Ontario government Sunshine List
salary is $127,000. War Criminal
The average wage for the rest of us is $47,000. The Assad
Public Service pension, fully qualified, entitlement on
$127k is 70%, including CPP or $89,000 a year. (without
indexing and cost of benefits).
The average age of retirement for employees in the
Ontario Public Service: 58.
Our age of retirement for OAS: 67.
How much money you need in the bank to draw $89k
for 9 years, which is the age of early retirement for a
public sector employee (58), until he age you are eligible
for OAS (67) is = $801,000
How much you need for the remaining 21 years of a
30 year retirement: $1.4Million
The total cash you will require over the retirement pe-
riod if you are compensated like a government em-
ployee. $2.25Million
If you have any illusions of keeping up with your re-
tired Public Service neighbours, you better start saving
for your retirement immediately.
Let’s work that out, shall we?
Say your working life up to age 58 is 35 years and you
earned the Canadian average wage of $47,000. per year.
With taxation of 25% (I’m being conservative), you
have $35,250 to work with.
To save a fund of $2.25M you need to save $2.25M / What do all the devil-dogs plaguing the
35 = $64,288.00 per year of your working life. Muslim Countries have in common with the
Ok forget it, can’t be done.
Let’s work until we’re 67 and we are entitled to our Devil of Damascus? They support, condone
$20,000, CPP and OAS per year. and even participate in the torture, pedophilia
Our working life is now 44 years. Our retirement life and murder of children!
is also reduced to 21 years.
Since you will be drawing $20,000 Help And what do the valiant leaders of the free
per year CPP and to keep pace with world do in the face of atrocities such as im-
your public service neighbour (who has prisoning, raping, and torture including the
already been retired for 9 years), you ripping out of fingernails?
need an additional $69k. per year or
$1.4M total (as above). They play politics and make excuses!
As Mr. Spock would say, the whole
concept is illogical.
While your public service neighbour is enjoying 9 ad-
ditional years of retirement, you are earning less than
his/her pension while working.

Who are the patrician bastards that pulled this Shit?

Who owns your land:
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