Page 2 - The Mirror Summer 2014
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Allow! What the hell does ‘Allow’ mean?

Allow has nothing to do with anything.

When the money runs out you are bankrupt!

It won’t matter who you blame or who
you point your finger at if you don’t live
within your means you will run out money.
If you run your resources predicated on
ideology you will run out of money.

If you harm your middle class you will
run out of money.
If you pander to your Patrician Class

friends you will run out of money.
If you succumb to the power of unions
you will run out of money.

If you allow the powerful to abuse your
constituents you will run out of money.
Allow or not allow simply means cut-
ting costs, raising taxes or both. Continue Reading...

Bankruptcy is not the purview of a blue party, a red party or any party if that party is op-
erating in the best interest of the people.

Bankruptcy is predicated on such vacuous qualities ranging from stupidity to corruption.

Since the current wisdom seems to be that the bankruptcy of others

can’t happen to us perhaps it’s time that we ask ourselves;

Do we have leadership that is corrupt or just plain stupid?
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