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Cook the Goose or enjoy the Eggs?

Before New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo suffered his epiphany, the good folks of New York State
put up with the same old song and dance routine dished up in boatloads of bullshit just as we still en-
dure from our Ontario deceivers.
Questions arise as to why Cuomo suffered his epiphany. Could it be the great N.Y. exodus of peo-
ple and companies? Could it be that diminishing returns finally convinced Gov. Cuomo that when he
drives out companies he also loses the prosperity derived from the employees attached to those com-
panies? In Niagara the sentiment is the same as in N.Y. State; to use our companies as tax fodder.
Why does it take such an overload of pragmatic evidence to waken the socialist mind?
Put Succinctly; No Goose — No Eggs

Photograph by: Mike Groll , AP file photo

Quebec offers them some of the highest
taxes and gasoline prices in North America, a
provincial sales tax (QST) of almost 10 per
cent, restrictions upon restrictions, Bill 101, the
Quebec charter of values, the omnipresent

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has a new threat of separation, constant political-
initiative to attract business to his state. economical-financial instability created by the
PQ, our crumbling infrastructure, our famous
Has anybody in Quebec/Ontario recently seen potholes, and — to make it even more
the amazing TV ad sponsored by the state of New “appetizing” — mandatory French schooling
York on NBC, ABC and CBS, about a new and for their children.
groundbreaking initiative by New York Governor Now, could anybody come up with a good
Andrew Cuomo? It’s called: “StartUpNY.” reason why any business person with reason-
able intelligence and some cash in his or her
It says: New York is open! It’s offering tax-free
zones across the state for new and expanding busi- pocket would want to set up shop and invest in
nesses, allowing them to operate 100 per cent tax- Quebec? Unless, of course, our joie de vivre
becomes irresistible.
free for 10 years. No business, corporate, state or Isn’t it time we start paying attention to our
local taxes, sales and property taxes, or franchise English speaking neighbours East, West and
fees. Wow! South of our “Belle Province”? They must be

And what does Quebec offer to enthusiastic for- doing something right. Just go there and learn!
eign and R.O.C. entrepreneurs, those thinking Peter Sipos
about opening up a new business here? Côte-St-Luc
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