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Top 10 Tips for Municipal Officials

1. Learn about the Municipal Act, 2001 open
meeting requirements; seek legal advice to
address questions about the legislation.

2. Make sure your council or local board
has a procedure by-law governing the call-
ing, place and proceedings of meetings.

3. Notify the public of all meetings according Pros and Cons of Wind Power
to the Municipal Act and procedure by-law.
Pros and Cons of Fusion Power
4. Keep meetings open to the public unless Pros and Cons of Tar Sands Oil
there is a clear need for a closed meeting Pros and Cons of Solar Heating and Cooling
specifically authorized by the Municipal Act.
Pros and Cons of Concentrating Solar Power
5. When holding a closed meeting, make Pros and Cons of Solar Photovoltaics
sure the procedure by-law and require- Pros and Cons of Natural Gas
ments of the Municipal Act for closing meet- Pros and Cons of Fuel Cell Energy
ings are followed.
Pros and Cons of Biomass Energy
6. Don’t vote to close a meeting unless an Pros and Cons of Combined Heat and Power
exception under Section 239 of the Munici- Pros and Cons of Clean Coal
pal Actclearly permits it to be closed.
Pros and Cons of Algae Based Biofuel
7. Before closing a meeting or part of a Pros and Cons of Liquid Flouride Thorium Power
meeting to the public, pass a resolution that Pros and Cons of Tidal Power
meets the Municipal Act requirements and
is noted in the minutes. Pros and Cons of Nuclear E

8. When in a closed meeting:
• Record all resolutions, decisions and other
• Do not hold a vote on any matter unless
the meeting has been properly closed and
the vote is for a procedural matter or for giv-
ing directions to staff.

9. Whenever possible, make decisions in
public. If you have a concern about a closed
meeting, contact the Office of the Ontario
Ombudsman, which can provide general in-
formation regarding the open meeting re-

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