Page 5 - The Mirror - Fall 2014
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Political Corruption? Click Here: 5 Missing Piece NIA Conference 2014 In today’s changing economy we can’t afford to miss a critical piece of information From Supplier to Partnerships and Contacts From identifying market opportunities to identifying distributors and marketing agents There are Lies and there are Damned Lies Education & Training to Export & Assistance Pieces of qualified information for everyone An absolute value added conference For more info CLICK HERE The worst of these are spin lies. Spin lies are devious because they are lies wrapped around an element of truth. We have entered an age were our civic leaders wallow in lies, spin lies, secrecy, misinforma- tion, devious behavior, and even criminal activ- Competitors in the Field ity, not to mention wanton and wasteful spend- Partners in Industry ing of taxpayer’s hard earned dollars. Government Deception Revealed? Click Here:
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