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Presentation to the Niagara Regional Council


David Honey, president of the Niagara Landowners Association
And director for the Ontario Landowners Association

The Ontario Landowners Organization is growing very quickly - the reason is because more and more
people feel that they need protection against their own government agencies — they need protection
against the people whom they voted into office to represent them

Since 1990: -the provincial government has passed through the legislature 250,000 pieces of legisla-
tion -out of those 250,000 pieces of legislation, they have created 6,000 new laws and have hired
200,000 new civil servants to enforce those laws -any one of those 6,000 new laws could put a tax-
payer into jail- this has to change - the public votes politicians into office. WE hire YOU to manage
our tax monies and represent our interests.

Here is an example of the problems we’re facing now, because of this overabundance of legislation
and bylaws:

**our Conservation Authority - if you take the time to read their own act - they do NOT have the right
to step onto private property

Yet, in 2002 — the Ministry of Natural Resources took aerial surveys of what they called wetlands. In
2006 — the MNR redid the study and increased the size 10-fold and classified thousands of private
properties as wetlands.

The policies that the MNR has since created, have jeopardized a multitude of innocent people who
have now been charged by the Conservation Authority with endangerment of wetlands, even though
these people have done nothing to endanger anything.

Let’s take an example. The Dave White case. Dave White and his 85-year-old mother versus Chip-
pawa Conservation Authority. The Chippawa Conservation authority drained CONSERVATION land
onto Dave White’s property.
Dave complained because they were flooding his land. So the conservation authority changed the des-
ignation of Dave’s land to wetland and charged him and his mother with farming a wetland. After 4
years in court, their entire life savings was sucked out of them in defending their innocence. Mr. Kine,
the region’s lawyer, represented the conservation authority and asked the judge to have Dave White
and his 85-year-old mother thrown in prison for 2 years and he also requested a $50,000 fine, to boot.
But Dave had proven that the conservation authority had changed the mapping and the water course
flow in the creeks — amongst other things — to suit their own defense. In the end, the judge saw
through it and chastised Mr. Kine for using the court system as a weapon against common people.*

Yet it doesn’t just end there - because even when they lose, the conservation authorities refuse to ac-
cept that they were wrong. They appeal — using taxpayers dollars to continue to go after people that
the judges said were innocent.

Did you know that the NPCA appeals more cases per year than the Niagara Regional Police does?

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