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This is exactly what they’re doing to Mark Barnfield. The Conservation Authority took Mark to court, 3
claiming his land—which is zoned industrial—was, in THEIR opinion wetland. Mark couldn’t afford

a lawyer, so he had to represent himself. He WON and the Conservation Authority’s case was thrown
out. Yet they didn’t back off. They’re still appealing, grinding him into the ground financially—and
using taxpayer’s money—MARK’S money—to do it.

This is why the Ontario Landowners Association was formed—as a support network for people who
are being hurt by intrusive government actions.

If our governments were doing their job properly, kindly and humanely, this organization would not be

What we’re asking you to do, is to restore the conservation authority back to the level of power and
control that it was intended to have when it was first formed. It was never meant to intrude on private
property. It was never meant to be used as a way of burning through millions of taxpayer’s dollars in
order to hurt taxpayers themselves. This is a
government organization that needs to be put back in its place. It has hurt far too many citizens, and it
is time for this to stop. YOU have the power to get this rolling—you shouldn’t shrug it off as some-
body else’s responsibility.

It’s gotten to the point where taxpayers—VOTERS—are being overwhelmed and hurt by too much
legislation, too many laws, and too many bylaws. We need your help in correcting this situation. In
THIS region, the Conservation Authority is a prime example of how an out-of-control government au-
thority is hurting innocent people. I KNOW this is a big job, I KNOW you can’t fix overnight. But we
are asking for your help in getting this government agency under control before they hurt any more in-
nocent people. Thank you.

David Honey

What the Region and their law- David Honey
yer did to the white family was
nothing short of a criminal act!

Unfortunately Mr. Honey’s presen-
tation is where this writer came
into this most squalid and sordid
picture of wonton misconduct
made worse by the knowledge of
what most Canadians generally ex-
pect from their government.

*Even worse is the discovery that
this bureaucratic, political and
criminal activity is still going on.

Going forward, News Alert Niagara will be bringing you additional repulsive stories about innocent
citizens who have suffered and are still suffering from lies, perjury, deception, false witness, trumped
up charges, extortion, financial terrorism, and even death at the hands of government officials.
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