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I can prove that the NPCA set up their contact and
computer system to fail us when they advertised in
November 2013, St. Catharines Standard, for input
re: DRAFT STRATEGIC PLAN, which was really
the new floodplain mapping proposal. At their
meeting in Balls Falls they claimed that they made
every effort to get the public involved and few par-
ticipated. I believe they claimed that only 77 people
NPCA did not tell the full story. So few participated
because the system blocked people from participat-
ing. The NPCA did not advertise according to the
ACT. Newspaper search to prove this is held on the
4th floor (I believe) of Brock University li-
brary. The NPCA advertised a few days before the
November 12, 2013 public meeting (see ad) and op-
portunities to respond deadline was Dec. 6, 2013.
Stefan felt that the NPCA ad was suppose to run, according to their Act 4 weeks in total. NPCA ad-
vertised the announcement only once.
Performance bounced their emails back days later (?) after I
sent my letter on behalf of Bob Mackie! Mr. D’Amario who was the FOR FURTHER INFORMA-
TION CONTACT was on vacation the week his name was advertised to be the backup contact. His
emails bounced back immediately.
I posses proof of all I am stating. NPCA didn't follow legal protocol and the whole business should
get thrown out.
MY God ..... When the NPCA goes to redo the complete process, those who know they will be af-
fected by their results, i.e., those who have had new floodplain mapping done on their properties; will
be more vigilant the second time around to chase them off because NPCA has no business on private
I and Stefan physically had to bring our letters up to the NPCA office, in Welland, so we would be
counted. Both of us informed the secretary the system had not been working throughout the week
when we tried to submit to performance.concepts. The NPCA secretary’s face remained fixed, refus-
ing to speak. I as well as Stefan had the secretary stamp our letters and then give us a copy, to verify
that we submitted out letters to protest new floodplain mapping.
My letter was on behalf of Bob Mackie representing 105 members. I left the documents in my office,
proving all that I state. I will not have time to deliver the documents.
I never got around to validating the time frame that the NPCA Act states they have to advertise and to
validate first day of the ad in the St. Catharines newspaper, which can be found in the newspaper ar-
chives. I will complete this project when I can. I think it is important for us to show this evidence to
the police. Proof of the rejected emails I have. How were people suppose to respond if they
worked? NPCA only keeps office hours. Erika

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