Page 5 - The Mirror - Winter 2015
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Shellie Correia There are Lies and there are Damned Lies

There are women in Canada that are as capa-
ble as anyone to think for themselves, reason
for themselves and defend all they hold dear!

When such women encounter situations that
threatens our Canadian values they strive with
all their might to stand against those whose
motives are suspect.

Shellie Correia is just one of a great posse of
men and women who have taken on the chal-
lenge of money-grabbing corporations and
their corrupt political subsidiaries.

There is an immense satisfaction to know that
there are loyal Canadians ready and willing to
expose corruption. Continue Reading...

Bryan Jongblood looks at a map to determine The worst of these are spin lies.
his receptor number. Mothers Against Wind
Turbines held an information meeting last week Spin lies are devious because they are lies
as it prepares to launch a legal wrapped around an element of truth.

Grimsby Lincoln News Amanda Moore We have entered an age were our civic leaders
wallow in lies, spin lies, secrecy, misinforma-
tion, devious behavior, and even criminal activ-
ity, not to mention wanton and wasteful spend-
ing of taxpayer’s hard earned dollars.

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