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   New Smoke Shop Faces Tyranny

    There he was! He, being the owner operator of a ‘BREW YOUR OWN WINE‘ business located in a
   small building in Welland, Ontario.

    His problems began when he decided to sell tobacco products. How could adding tobacco to his
   sales be a problem you may well ask? Good question!

    Soon to be tobacconist Dwayne Kimpel was busy setting up space for his new product. He had all
   of his signs in place to prevent under age kids from entering his smoke shop. He had placed several
   video cameras in strategic locations. Surprise!

    Regional Officials illegally sent an underage ‘Test Shopper’
   into his shop to illegally buy Cigars! With no I.D. Mr. Kimpel
   naturally refused the sale and replaced the cigar back in it’s
   case. The ‘test shopper’ then grabbed a lighter off the counter
   demanding to buy. Mr. Kimpel sold it to him and gave a re-
   ceipt just to get rid of the young offender.

   According to The Welland Tribune the ‘Tyrants of Niagara’

   make some amazing statements regarding their squalid conduct.    $300 fine for displaying one identi-
                                                                    fiable cigarette brand Rolling Papers
   Illegally using minors for entrapment operations

                                                                    Counter Sign

   Desperate Governments do desperate things! Entrapment illustrates desperation!
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