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   The latest outrage perpetrated on our environment and society is the clear cutting 22 acres of a mag-
nificent Carolinian Forest of mostly Sugar Maple, Black Walnut, and Red Oak!

       Tyrants in Charge

            NPCA Cure for Ash Borer: Sell the Timber!

   Our duped civic leaders have been well apprised of the dishonorable activities of the NPCA.
   At our expense we have informed our ‘civic minded’ civic leaders of some of the most extraordi-
nary and egregious information imaginable.
   In 2012 we brought forward concerns regarding serious toxic pollution followed by even more and
deadly toxic pollution. We expsed information regarding conduct and unwarranted assault on private
property and even criminal attack against private property owners.
   We exposed the shocking and perverse White Family fiasco where the judge in the case actually
took the Ontario regime’s NPCA and its Niagara Region lawyer to task over criminal conduct!
   We brought forward the excruciating ‘Barnfield’ story.
   We exposed one of the most irrational and illogical NPCA transgressions regarding the NPCA’s ef-
forts toward the actual destruction of an Ontario Significant Wetlands.
   In the face of all these things some of our citizens are going through, and doing without, our Niag-
ara Regional Government honors the NPCA with a nearly 6% 2015 budget increase totaling multi-
$millions without so much as considering even a ‘Value for Dollar’ accounting!
   Considering what we have uncovered so far (as proven by these blue Hyperlinks) and learning that
the CEO of the NPCA is also the Treasurer of that same authority, surely a forensic audit is in order!

   Obviously it is the voter that must be convinced that they have been fooled!

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