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FE council to record closed meetings

  If recording ‘in camera ‘ meetings is
good for Fort Erie, why not make it man-
datory for all municipal Governments?

  Wouldn’t it be terrible if it cleaned up
some of the corruption that is inherent be-
hind closed doors!

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                                                                 There are Lies and there are Damned Lies

  GERALD CELENTE Predictions 2015
    Disastrous Christmas, World War 3,
            US Economic Collapse

                                                                  The worst of these are spin lies.
                                                                  Spin lies are devious because they are lies
                                                               wrapped around an element of truth.
                                                                  We have entered an age where our civic lead-
                                                               ers wallow in lies, spin lies, secrecy, misinfor-
                                                               mation, devious behavior, and even criminal ac-
                                                               tivity, not to mention wanton and wasteful
                                                               spending of taxpayer’s hard earned dollars.

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