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    Ontario puts $587 million toward ‘ending homelessness’!
     Really! Ontario puts money… Where did they get it from?

 News AlertAnother $Billion cover-up!

                 Carlos Osorio / Toronto Star file photo

The Ontario Regime certainly didn’t pull it out of their backside!

Its one thing for Canadians to want to extend a hand-up to their fellow Canadians in need.

   It is a totally different thing for Canadians to enter into a scheme to deceive and to cover-up their
regime’s fiscal failure.

   While we celebrate the multi-$billion assistance to the homeless, we must understand that this is a
mathematical impracticality leading to financial disaster! Proper husbanding by leadership does not
include attempting to buy prosperity!

Homeless stats:  Read Angela Brown on the POVERTY BUSINESS

   The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness estimates 235,000 Canadians experience homeless-
ness every year and there are about 35,000 homeless people on any given night.

   About 16,000 people last year used the Toronto emergency shelter system, which has 4,500 beds.

   More than $4 billion has been spent on affordable housing programs in Ontario since 2003, the
Liberals government says.

   More than $800 million in total has been earmarked by the federal and provincial governments for
affordable housing over the next five years.

   More than 31,000 homeless families and individuals have found homes and another 83,800 re-
mained in their homes through the province’s Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative.


PS: Did you know that taxpayers are paying for Muslim ‘No Infidels Allowed’ Subsidized Housing?

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