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         Bad Cops Risk Lives                           What protects citizens
                                                       from Ontario Fascists
Bad cops create the greatest risk to Police
                                                             Sig Hell!
                   Dashcam video shows Tampa po-
                   lice officer slamming women to
                   the ground for having a tinted li-
                   cense plate.

                   TPD originally said video didn't
                   exist and officer turned off his
                   microphone before arrest.

The saddest thing of all is that there are a large
number of good honest and decent cops out there
who are put in jeopardy of backlash by bully

No longer there to protect and serve but to sub-
due and corral the blind masses and the Oath
Keepers are the ones that need more support
against the brainwashed thugs.

      Fall Guy for Fascists                                 Tyrant Killing Justice

    Police Supt. Mark Fenton Guilty!         

Top Thugs Escaped!

“Mark. I get it and support what we were doing.

This is a level beyond you and I,” read an email

presented at the hearing from former staff super-

intendent Jeff McGuire to Supt. David (Mark)

Fenton on June 28, 2010, hours after Fenton or-

dered mass arrests.

How convenient that both former chief Bill Blair

and his deputy Tony Warr have retired, with nei-

ther compelled to testify.  More G20                   That’s Jack Maclaren
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