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Bad Cops                                                                                                       5

Bad cops create the greatest risk to Police

                   Dashcam video shows Tampa po-
                   lice officer slamming women to
                   the ground for having a tinted li-
                   cense plate.

                   TPD originally said video didn't
                   exist and officer turned off his
                   microphone before arrest.

The saddest thing of all is that there are a large
number of good honest and decent cops out there
who are put in jeopardy of backlash by bully

No longer there to protect and serve but to sub-
due and corral the blind masses and the ‘Oath
Keepers’ are the ones that need more support
against the brainwashed thugs.

     Click Here for Canada’s disgrace                                       Why do folks not understand the connection
                                                                         between police brutality and the escalating pub-
        Fall Guy for Fascists                                            lic backlash?

       Police Supt. Mark Fenton Guilty!                                     Unfortunately it’s the actions of a few bad
                                                                         cops that have a great deal to do with painting a
     Top Thugs Escaped!                                                  target on the back of predominately decent police
                                 More                                    officers.

“Mark. I get it and support what we were doing.                             Google ‘Police brutality’ where you can spend
This is a level beyond you and I,” read an email                         many hours witnessing bad cops promoting ha-
presented at the hearing from former staff super-                        tred toward our police services.
intendent Jeff McGuire to Supt. David (Mark)
Fenton on June 28, 2010, hours after Fenton or-                             Unwarranted bully tactics against a single citi-
dered mass arrests.                                                      zen creates how many haters of police? Should it
How convenient that both former chief Bill Blair                         surprise anyone to think family and friends
and his deputy Tony Warr have retired, with nei-                         might take umbrage with bullying?
ther compelled to testify.
                                                                            And just where do those in charge think this
                                                                         conduct will lead?

                                                                            Question: Is there a shortage of good men and
                                                                         women qualified for the job and what kind of
                                                                         people will apply if the situation escalates?

                                                                            To nip this squalid activity in the bud surely it
                                                                         would be appropriate to dismiss convicted cops
                                                                         that bully and/or perjure themselves.

                                                                            Who needs cops that beat a citizen into a three
                                                                         day coma for not producing ID?

                                                                            How does Nick Zaidenko’s family and friends
                                                                         feel about our police system now!
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