Page 5 - The Mirror Online - Spring 2016
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                                                     Niagara Falls City Councilors expressed their
                                                     dismay at the enlightened message from Mr.
                                                     Ed Smith detailing the misinformation or lack
                                                     thereof being perpetrated on council in order
                                                     to effect a vote predicated on lies and deceit.

                                                     The Councilors made no bones about the fact
                                                     that they have been deliberately kept in the
                                                     dark regarding the conspiracies behind the
                                                     Thundering Waters real estate deal.

                                                     Without Mr. Ed Smith the vote would have
                                                              proceeded in created ignorance!

                                                              Unmasking the Spin-Master’s treach-
                                                              ery revealed some disgusting surprises
                                                              usually equated to organized crime!

Mr. Ed Smith provided much needed information

Standing Room only in Overflow Room

er, the Spin-Masters stopped spinning under the scrutiny of the City of Niagara Falls Council

g in circles ‘from the Spin-
wooded marshland, not even
ss to abandon hundreds of
ort of developers.

ering Waters’ project was in
acation’ to China!

t the ‘Thundering Waters’

or the democratic process.           Niagara Falls
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