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Government is to maintain justice; to prevent the      Niagara Winners Circle
members of society from encroaching on one another’s
property, or seizing what is not their own. -Adam Smith  The Mirror

                                                               on line

DUFF CONACHER has been proven
right in his Jun 27, 2014 Press release
that - Power of Canada's premiers
needs to be checked.

Recall Legislation

Term Limits
Forensic Audits (before and after term)

Estimates suggest $190                                   Mr. Bob Lindquist
billion a year is diverted
from government tax cof-                                 Forensic Investigator
fers including between $6
- and $7.8-billion in Can-
“Are they going to take
on the wealthy? That has
always been a question
that I’ve held,” says
Lindquist. “It will never

These (offshore tax haven) governments can do
what they want to do. These are laws of the
There are no mechanisms in place for that kind
of policing authority.

When people come to power, especially in these
smaller countries, they inevitably feel they have
a right of ownership.”

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