Page 3 - The Mirror Online - 2016 Autumn
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For months we’ve had a billboard right across from Montreal’s City Hall de-
manding that their Liberal mayor, Denis Coderre, stop blackballing an oil
pipeline from western Canada.Quebec Liberals love equalization payments
from Alberta and Saskatchewan oil.
But they refuse to let that oil pass through in a safe, state-of-the-art pipe-
line, called Energy East.
As if they don’t drive cars or fly jets in Montreal. Of course they do — they
just prefer oil from OPEC dictatorships, like Saudi Arabia.And that’s the
message of our new billboard:

           Liberal Version of Free Speech

In English, that means "when Denis Coderre says no to the Energy East
project, he’s saying yes to sharia oil exported by OPEC.” That’s the king of
Saudi Arabia.
But the billboard company refuses to run the ad. They ripped up our con-
tract. We asked them why, and they told us: they are afraid of offending
Muslim activists and even the Saudi dictator himself.
But the billboard company also told us that Montreal’s city hall was pres-
suring them to stop running our ads — and if they continued, their busi-
ness might be in jeopardy. Liberal politicians might not give them any more
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