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        Niagara Winners Circle

       The Mirror                                                                            2  NEC Shame
             on line                                                                       4  Corruption

          Spring 2017                                                                      6  Speed Socialism
                                                                                           8    Energy Poverty
                                                                                           10  Drug Prices

      News Alert Niagara is pleased to announce                                            12  Here’s an Idea
                                                                                           14  Missing $50 Billion
                       our Tenth Anniversary of                                            16  Sexually Graphic
                                                                                           18  NPCA Treachery
        The Mirror on Line Quarterly Magazine                                              20  Speed Thrills
                                                                                           22  Extortion Authority

         News AlertNiagara (NAL) operates as an official on line News and

              Opinion Media service weighted toward key Niagara issues.

           On Saturday the 25th of March 2017 NAL surpassed the 100k mark

          all time history of PageViews and last month Page views of over 25k

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