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         A  Close Call for Niagara Taxpayers

      Beyond belief! We get'em out of the ty-
      rannical cesspool of Fort Drerie, edu-
      cate'em in the ways of corruption and then

      send'em on to some other uninformed and
      hapless municipality or company to be
      used and abused by our castoffs!

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         Creating Justice in our Justice System

         We really don't have a justice system!                  Petrowski: They got 'im

           We have a broken judicial system!
                                                                News Alert Niagara has been expecting more

                                                                from those we have hired and elected in tackling
                                                                some of Niagara's ills. But no, all we get is ego
                                                                laden braggadocio and hour after hour of schem-

                                                                ing against each other as if they really do have
                                                                something to brag about!

                                                                If the thirty geniuses we've elected where
                 Click here For the rest                        even half as smart as they think they are,
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                                                                then they would eventually realize that if

                                                                they expended half of their effort on behalf

                                                                of the Citizens of Niagara as they have in
                                                                'Getting Petrowski' perhaps Niagara would
                Can it be Fixed                                 be in a far better place!

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