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     Lies, Lies and Damned Lies Wrapped in Corruption
                                                                           A Travesty of Justice
     Every once in a long while there comes a person               We can only report; you will have to decide!
     who will not tolerate tyrannical abuse from mu-
     nicipal authorities; authorities lying and cheating
     citizens and then using our police officers and all
     -to-willing justices to uphold their specious con-

     Individuals like Mr. Fred Bracken are willing to            More and more we see court cases overturned
     put themselves through hell to fight back against           that should have been properly adjudicated in
     unjust officials who arrogantly place themselves            the first place! More and more we witness jus-
     above the laws of the land and above the consti-            tices knowingly upholding persecution in

     tutional rights of citizens.                                place of prosecution.

     Mr. Bracken has spent years of his life and for-            We witness justices in total conflict of interest
     tune in his struggle. The authorities that abuse            rendering highly questionable decisions
     their citizens have cost the taxpayers $Hundreds            against innocent Citizens and in favor of their
     of thousands to uphold their corrupt authority,             financial masters.
     through our courts, to tyrannically dictate their             In ever increasing numbers Citizens are report-
     unconstitutional commands and demands over                  ing instances of malfeasance in our judiciary.
     their constituents.                                         Ever increasing numbers of Justices are find-

                                                                 ing themselves in conflict with their review

                                                                 One of the many cases now followed by Niag-
                                                                 ara Citizens is the despicable persecution of
                                                                 Mr. Wakulich vs. the City of St. Catharines

                                                                 and the corrupt Niagara Peninsula Conserva-
                                                                 tion Authority.

                                                                 The persecution of Mr. Wakulich (Willie)
                                                                 started when the then Mayor Tim Rigby de-
                                                                 cided his rowing club owned the entire Henley
                                                                 Pond, the home of the rowing course.

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