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        Another squalid example of gross                         The Great healthcare Exodus
         over-abundance of government

     Back in 1899 when the Association Municipali-
     ties Ontario (AMO) was formed it undoubtedly                   30,000 Ontario Citizens flee to the
     was a good idea to form an association to assist in
     municipal government.                                           U.S.A. for their medical attention

     In 1899 communication demanded that municipal
     delegates attend conferences to keep abreast of              Defending Christian education
                                                                   from the Alberta government
     But that was before modern methods of commu-

     It’s no longer necessary to spend $millions to
     send 1500 municipal employees on junkets to ac-
     quire information that is already available! The
     hapless citizens of a small Ontario town of 6500
     taxpayers left to foot a several $Thousand bill to
     send four education seekers hardly able to justify
     their expense.

     Then there is Mayor Diodottie's astonishing per-
     sonal education regarding a simple 'Airbnb Booth'
                                                                              Pensions at Risk
     It has been reported that there are municipal dele-
     gates using taxpayer funds for romantic trysts and
     only showing up for the finality banquet!

     One of the astonishing conspiracies is how to get
     away with gouging the taxpayer with the least
     amount of resistance.

     Now we get to listen to Niagara Regional Coun-
     cilor Paul Grenier propose a 1% sales tax increase          Bankruptcy means there is no money for things
     no doubt to help pay the unnecessary cost of the            like pensions.
     OMA.                                                        Experts offer faint hope that there is something
                                                                 that can be done; unions scream and shout; poli-
     We don't have a funding problem we have a                   ticians fume and bluster but once insolvency sets
     spending problem!                                           in who is going to foot the bill for pensions etc.?

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