Page 3 - The Mirror Online - Autumn 2017
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      Can you believe it? Everyone is waiting for a valid explanation for the   $Hundreds of
      Thousands foisted onto the backs of TAXPAYERS by a gang of municipal officials.

      What do we get?

      We get a taxpayer funded 33 Page despicable attack on a private Citizen! We get the
      CAO spending 45 Minutes of Pelham’s Council meeting, with lawyer Shedden as an
      expensive prop, railing point by point in his attack on whistle-blower Hummel.

      Pelham Authorities say that it is ‘Complete Nonsense’ that “You don’t rock the boat be-
      cause, all of a sudden, your project will be stalled or your files will get lost” and these

      same geniuses turn around and prove Mr. Hummel absolutely correct with Pelham’s
      despicable attack (page 5/37) on a private Citizen whistle-blower.

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